$1 Red, White and Brew 4000 Count 1 Top Winners @ $500 Hold 27.4% Form 459ELS

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Cashboard games combine the excitement of a seal card game with instant winners and the opportunity for players to win a larger prize.

Cashboard games generally involve a larger count of 4,000 or more tickets, and are offered with two different styles of play: Non-Subset Cashboard and Subset Cashboard games.

Sign-Up Hold Tickets:   

Players with sign-up hold tickets sign their name on the seal card. After all winning hold tickets are paid out, the seal window is opened to reveal the winning hold number. The player with that hold ticket wins the $500 seal prize.

Winning Hold Tickets

In addition to the seal winner, there are winning hold tickets with numbers that correspond to the 20 windows on the cashboard. Each window contains a prize amount from $50 - $250. 

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