$1 Seal Fish Funds 588 Count 1 Top Winners @ $200 Hold 23.47% Form J-FN588

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Like traditional pull tabs, seal card games contain instant win tickets. They also contain hold tickets with sign-up numbers that correspond to a seal card, giving players additional chances to win larger prizes!

Seal card games contain a special seal card that determines the winner(s) of the larger prize(s). Typically, seal cards will include a predetermined number of signature lines that correspond to the number of hold tickets in the deal. Players that find hold tickets may sign their name on the seal card. Once the entire deal is sold, the window on the seal card is opened by the operator to reveal the sign-up number of the grand prize winner(s).

 Seal card games typically offer an option to provide one large prize for a single winner or split the prize into smaller amounts for multiple winners. For example, with Diamond Daze™, there is a total of $500 to be awarded. The operator may choose to award a single winner with a $500 prize, two winners with $250 prizes, or five winners with $100 prizes.

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