4 Corner Diamonds 770 Count 1 Top Winner @ $500 Hold 28.44%

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Event Game
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Event games (also called ball or dab games) combine the best of bingo and pull tabs into one exciting game.

Like seal card games, bingo event games have a set of "HOLD" tickets. The "HOLD" tickets in a bingo event game traditionally contain one or more bingo ball numbers (B1-O75) and/or "HOLD" numbers. These tickets are usually dabbed by players as a bingo game is being called, giving players additional chances to win a larger prize(s).

Arrow's bingo event games are available with a variety of ticket counts, number of hold tickets, play styles, and ways to win. There are three basic event games with different ways to determine a winner - dab or coverall games, downline or derby games, and last ball games.

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